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Chocolate cake recipe & peanut butter vegan and gluten free

Chocolate cake recipe & peanut butter vegan and gluten free Oulala, it’s been months, even a year since I have not posted a recipe … To catch up, I propose a little “food porn” with a cake with chocolate and peanut butter: the decadence in all its splendor! I ate such a cake at Cloud Cakes this weekend in Paris and it was so good that I wanted to do it again at home. I started from my usual base of chocolate cake , I had my brain to make a cream of peanut butter and hop, it gave this little wonder! I made this cake in my vitality omniculturist but you can quite bake it. This cake is vegan (lactose and egg free), gluten free and soy free … We can say that it is perfect right? Recipe for my chocolate cake & peanut butter vegan and gluten-free For the cake: 15 ml cashew (or soy) cream 10 cl of rice milk (or other vegetable milk) 4 cc of olive oil or coconut 130 g oatmeal (or wheat) 50 g of arrow root (or maïzena) 1 packet of gluten-free yeast 100 or 120 g of sugar 4 cc unsweetened cocoa For the cream of peanut butter: 4 cc of peanut butter 4 or 5 cc of cashew cream or 3/4 cc of rice milk 3 or 4 cc of sugar Important Info: This cake was cooked in the casserole for 6 people I used a square mold of 14 cm The cake : Mix the cashew cream, olive oil and rice milk. Separately, mix oatmeal, arrow root, yeast, sugar and cocoa. Add the dry ingredients to the liquid ingredients and mix. Oil your cake pan or cover it with parchment paper and pour out your preparation. Put 4 cc of water in the bottom of your casserole and cook for 50 minutes (up and down: max for 15 minutes then mini) by turning the casserole to 25 minutes. Baked: I bake at 180 ° C for 45 minutes (be careful, it may vary depending on your oven, check every 10/15 minutes). The cream of peanut butter: In a bowl, I mix peanut butter with rice milk or vegetable cream. I add the sugar and mix again until I get a creamy texture. I adjust in cream or rice milk if it is too thick or I add peanut butter if it is too liquid. Dressage: Once my cake has cooled down, I cut it in half. I spread one side of my cake with my peanut cream and I close my cake. I reserve in the fridge until tasting. I cover my cake with salty peanuts before serving it, yum! What takes the most time is to wait until the cake cools to spread the cream before eating it! Do you want to test? ♥ Follow me on a daily basis by subscribing to my Instagram account ♥ Did you like this article? Tweet and share! Chocolate cake recipe & peanut butter #vegan and #glutenfree! @Half FIG half grape Click To Tweet Share Tweet Similar items

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