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Kitchen Ebook: 20 recipes of decadent vegan cakes

Kitchen Ebook: 20 recipes of decadent vegan cakes The food you like? Then this article is made for you ! I present you the last ebook “Decadent Vegan Cakes” of my friend Marie Sweet & Sour blog, fresh out yesterday! Decadent vegan cakes In love with pastry and fat gourmet, Marie gives us all her secrets to make beautiful cakes floors decadent to perfection! The peculiarity of these cakes? They are vegan, gluten free, no processed ingredients, no refined sugars, with surprise ingredients and especially incredibly delicious ! Fruit, chocolate, caramel, coconut, fondant, crisp … There is something for all tastes, all seasons, all needs and all desires! You can trust Marie to amaze your taste buds! What will you find in his ebook? A 100-page ebook Tips and tricks for making gourmet cakes and how to decorate them Advice on the ingredients to favor: flours, sugars, vegetable milks, fat … The basic stuff to own 10 “basic” recipes to decline: sponge cakes, creams, icings … 20 decadent cake recipes, obviously Surprises with some guests like Joanna from Jo & Nana Cakes or Violaine from Small Pastries Raw Vegan And since Marie is a great girlfriend, she gave me a promo code for you … So you can get her ebook at 17 € instead of 20 € with the code GALASBLOG! Click here to buy Decadent Cakes! With Marie’s ebook, you will be able to enjoy and impress your guests: hey, vegan pastry is greedy and it’s decadent! I leave you on beautiful pictures of her cakes … Tell me which one you would most like comments! Me it’s definitely this one, just below 😍 … And the one after … And cinnamon rolls … Oh and then thin, I want them all 🙈! ♥ Follow me on a daily basis by subscribing to my Instagram account ♥ Did you like this article? Tweet and share! Kitchen Ebook: 20 #vegan decadent cakes recipes @Mifiguemiraisin @ sweetandsour01 Click To Tweet Enregistrer Save Save Enregistrer Save Save Enregistrer Save Save Enregistrer Save Save Share Tweet Similar items

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