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My Christmas table 100% vegan, organic and eco-friendly

My Christmas table 100% vegan, organic and eco-friendly As I said in my last article , my perception of Christmas has changed somewhat in recent years. All those animals that are suffering so that we can party, that poses me a serious problem. It is for this reason that I participated in the collective ” A great Christmas Vegan ” published by La Plage: to promote veganism when everyone swears by foie gras, oysters and meat under all its forms. And I continue with this article. à 2 marques et un restaurant pour vous concocter des fêtes 100% respectueuses de TOUT : les animaux, la planète et votre santé (même s’il n’est pas question de culpabiliser qui que ce soit, je suis la première à manger de la junk food quand j’en ai l’occasion 🙈). I * 2 associated brands and restaurant to cook up feasts 100% respectful of ALL: animals, the planet and your health (even if it is not about blaming anyone, I am the first to eat junk food when I have the opportunity 🙈). I highlighted this article on the drink, because I have already made many Christmas meals (I put the links at the end of the article) but I never mentioned the drinks while it is a must Christmas and New Year ! A surprise awaits you at the end of the article! * This article is the subject of handpicked sponsorships, it is I who chose to include the brands in the ticket! My Christmas table 100% vegan, organic and eco-friendly Organic and vegan wine Pinot Bleu Pinot Bleu is a site that offers wine from organic farming and sometimes biodynamic (I like !!). I really like good wine, but since I went to (almost) 100% organic, it hurts me to drink this cocktail of pesticides. I now drink more than just wine or organic beer, with a few exceptions. I particularly appreciate the concept of Pinot Bleu, which offers us a very nice selection of the best organic wines , closer to nature. They are all certified: AB, Demeter or biodynamics and the delivery is made in 24h. And wait, I did not tell you everything … The must? (le vin n’est, en effet, pas forcément végane) They are QUASIMENT ALL VEGANES * (the wine is, indeed, not necessarily vegan)   ! In fact, it’s simple, I do not find them any fault. This year, it is therefore Pinot Bleu wine that will proudly stand on my Christmas table! The concept works in boxes of 6 bottles. You compose yourself your box or you opt for a box concocted by Pinot Bleu. For my part, I opted for a box with 3 bottles of white and 3 bottles of red: Chassagne-Montrachet (yes, I made a little kiff) Côtes de Bergerac Entre-deux-Mers Haut-Benauge Languedoc (red) Languedoc Saint-Saturnin * This champagne and wine are not vegan You can also offer a Pinot Bleu box to your loved ones, wine, it’s always fun! For Christmas, think of Pinot Bleu , there are organic wines at all prices and for all purses! Of course, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation! Gourmet and festive Yumi juice for Christmas In my environment, there are many people who do not drink alcohol. Generally, they are entitled to fruit juice … But it’s like wine, the “conventional” juices are stuffed with pesticides, preservatives and whatnot. In short, to avoid all that, I found the brand Yumi . It is a brand that offers juices that have everything to please: super tasty, cold pressed and based on fresh, organic, often seasonal and in biodegradable bottles . There are green juices, red juices, yellow, orange juices … There are many colors and for all tastes! What to put the good mood on your Christmas table … Or again, you relieve the stomach after a meal a little too rich 😛! The concept is pretty much the same as for Pinot Bleu, you choose a box ready or you choose one of those composed by Yumi. You even have the possibility to subscribe! Yumi also offers gift cards if you want to offer a little bit of well-being to your loved ones. And of course, here’s a little Yumi promo code to get a 15% discount on your box with the code NOELVEGAN 100% vegan and ethical Christmas dish with Gloria Mea Fides I partnered with the Gloria Mea Fides restaurant to offer you a 100% vegan and ethical Christmas dish . Gloria is a canteen located in Besançon, which offers every lunch vegan or vegetarian dishes based on seasonal vegetables, often organic and local. For Christmas, they even offer a vegan menu to go! Too convenient !! Here is a part, for those who do not live on Besançon and want to reproduce it at home. Vegan Christmas dish: Potimarron stuffed with oriental millet Ingredients for 1 person (multiply quantities for several people!): 1 pumpkin 1 carrot 1 parsnip 250 g dry millet 1 vegan broth 1 clove of garlic 2 cc of turmeric 2 cc of cumin olive oil, salt, thyme … The preparation : Cut the pumpkin in half, remove the seeds (they can be used for a broth), salt and oil slightly. Bake in a gentle oven for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Meanwhile, prepare the millet: cook it with 2 times its volume in broth. Keep the last soaking bath. Cut the carrot and parsnip into small but coarse pieces, cook them in olive oil and crushed garlic cloves, thyme, salt covered for 30 to 40 my (over low heat). Mix the millet with the vegetables and place this mixture in the halves of pumpkin. Cook for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. For starter, dessert and other dishes, I invite you to read my article ” Everything for a 100% vegan and ethical Christmas “! So, will your Christmas be vegan? ♥ Go to my Instagram account for a Pinot Bleu contest (and in January, a Yumi contest!) ♥ Did you like this article? Tweet and share! 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