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My Vegan Week: Meal Ideas for May

My Vegan Week: Meal Ideas for May I’m back with a little vegan week for the month of May. In the program ? Seasonal fruits and vegetables, healthy, gourmet and balanced meals ! My vegan week: meal ideas for may To make my job easier, I often eat the same meal for two days in a row. I prepare some dishes the day before for the next day. In the same way, I cook some vegetables and cereals the day before for the next day. When it comes to desserts, I usually make a batch of cookies or a cake that I eat for a few days. I often have soy, almond or coconut yogurts in my fridge to “vary” a bit. I’m not a sweet beak so I do not need more … Do not hesitate to vary and cover all your oilseed dishes: squash seeds, walnut kernels, sesame seeds, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans … Season generously all your dishes: paprika, caraway, turmeric, ginger … I add of course lots of onions and shallots to all my dishes. I do not just take soy cream as a vegetal alternative to cream: I also love millet, cashew nuts, rice … For pasta, you can take them with or without gluten, depending on your diet. The quantities are really approximate and are rather calculated for 2 people, do not hesitate to modify them at your convenience. The budget of 60 € is given as an indication and does not take into account the pea protein or Bjorg energy balls. The PDF document can be changed if you need to change a meal or add anything to your shopping list! I’m full of fruits that I eat between meals, at any time (listen to your body!). Attention vegan: I take 1 day out of 2 a vitamin B12 tablet (brand Solgar). MY MEAL PLAN OF THE WEEK Pizza Dried Tomatoes and Grilled Eggplants Personally, I do not have time to make my pizza dough, so I opt for a mix ready in organic store. But you can quite make your dough. Nevertheless, here is the pizza dough recipe to which I refer when I (exceptionally) have the time to make it home: it’s still a lot better! Cream of zucchini and chickpeas I steam my zucchini and mix them with a little chickpeas and cashew cream. I also add some chickpeas unmixed in my velvety, question of taste. I add lots of spices such as turmeric, paprika, ginger and I always cover my velvety sesame seeds (or gomasio). Eggplant pizza style Nothing could be easier than aubergines like pizza: you cut them in thick slices and then cover them with tomato sauce (a good!), Fake and aromatic herbs. You put in a few minutes, and it’s ready! From Curry Chickpea I sauté onions in oil. Then I simmer my chickpeas with a little juice and I add all the spices I have on hand: paprika, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, black pepper, garlic, caraway … I eat this chickpea curry with rice. Asparagus tart And if you tried the recipe for Rose Lemon (on my side, as with the pizza dough, I buy the dough for pies …)? Bjorg Energy Balls Find the recipe of my favorite energy balls made from gluten free muesli brand Bjorg! I eat them before, during and after the sport or as soon as I have a snack during the day. >> Download the Meal Plan of the month of May

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